Radio has become such a major part of our lives.

It does entertain us!

And! Influence us!


We cannot live with it!

Or without it!


To some of us!

We do remember a time when radio was fun to listen to.

Those contests, prizes, money, the listener guessing, keeping track of the amount of money in the jackpot.

The D. J.’s (presenters), the music, the talk, and YES!!! Even the signal strength of the radio station, on some stations!

That echo sound that sounded like they were doing their show from the radio stations restroom or a barrel.


Let’s think about some of the games, contests that we either played or listened to!

Here in Cleveland, Ohio USA!

We had the three radio stations that played rock-n-roll!

Those were the one’s played games and contests.


Most of them!

Played the cash call jackpot game.

And at times!

Played high/low game.

I think the most frustrating game of all was high/low game!

No one really kept track of the amount.

Few people caught on to the game and some did not.


But the really interesting games were played at one radio station.

WIXY ,AM 1260!

The most creative games anywhere!

There was in the kitchen with Johnny/

It consists of giving out ingredients of a recipe one item at a time.

And the listener had to guess what the recipe was and when they did!

The prize was $100.00 worth of groceries from A & P supermarket!

Keep in mind!

This was in the mid to late 60’s!

And prices then vs. today!!!

Pennies on the dollar!


Then there was Johnny, Johnny what is in the box!

And there!

The listener had to guess what was in the box!


As you can see!

The music, D. J.’s (presenters), contests, games made radio fun to listen to.


Then! Doomsday arrived!

The fun was gone!

It was replaced by talk radio.

This! Is where I think we get to be divided!

Does talk radio hurt or help us to understand what is going on in our world?

The concept is easy to understand!

The presenter let’s the listeners say what is on their mind.

While the presenter just gives a natural comment about it!

It keeps the network, local station, presenter from getting into too much trouble!

There was a time!

When there was not such a big deal about what the presenter said because s/he was part of the conversation as well.

Then!!!! The bombardment of commercials!

All because the stations (both TV & radio) were not making enough money at that time!

And if that is not the case?

Then why is there five mins. of them?


How does that line in that song go?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it!”

And I do not feel fine!!!!!!!


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