I cannot help think about the Sunday newspaper.

Depending on where you live.

It’s the “Only” form of exercise we do!

The Sunday paper and it’s many sections of op-ed, sports, news, ,features, TV schedule, wknd. magazine so on.

But! Most importantly! The coupon section!

Another exercise we do with our hands.,

How women would clip their hearts out for coupons for the coming week.

Always saving money here, there everywhere!


But! Since the newspaper is slowly dying!

I thought!

What would our life be without it?

Some cities either are planing or already cutting back on how many times a week should they publish it?


During the week!

We probably might not miss it.

But!!!!!! That all important Sunday paper!!!!!!!!!

Even though with all this High-tech that is among us!

We do have e-coupons!

But! It’s the special thing we have for something that we can hold in our hands and say: “This is my Sunday paper!”

It’s that something that we can call our very own!

Would we miss our Sunday paper?

More than likely yes!!!


Because it’s the one publication that changes daily vs. weekly,bi-weekly, monthly!


Besides! Our handheld devices!

Can we flip through our pc as we do when we flip though our Sunday paper?


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One response to “THE WKND. (SUNDAY) NEWSPAPER!”

  1. The Healthy Fellow says :

    Great post. Check out my blog!


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