From being born in another life & time!

I think that I cannot live in such a life and time as this!


Because! In my time!

I was brought up to depend on myself for this & that.

We did use a datebook, watch, appointment desk calendar, roll-a-desk index cards, secretaries (If we were lucky to afford one!), as well as a wall calendar and desk calendar, tape recorder to remind ourselves about things.

We did not have all these things in our time.

Nor did we have PDA, PALM, IPAD, CELL PHONE, IPHONE, SMARTPHONE, PERSONAL PC, KINDLE, NOOK (In general e-readers), And the like(s).

How did we get along without them?

Face it….We did!!!!


It just seems to me that!

What if we lost one of our electronic devices?

Could we cope without it?

Not any more than we did when we could only wear our wristwatch and something did happen to it!

Where would we be?

“Up a lazy river without a you know what!”


Our AM transistor radio in our pocket!

In later years! the pocket radio grew up!

And went from our pocket to our shoulder.

Then! recoiled back into our pockets again in the form of “Walkman”.

But! That’s another post!


In both the long & short term!

What do these things do to us?

Seems to me that!

It makes our minds/lives that much more dependent on them.


Could this be!!!!

Our new addiction?




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