How many times!

Have we heard these: “Too many chiefs not enough Indians!” ” Too many followers not enough leaders!”  “You either lead, follow, or stay on the porch!” “Life! Is like a dog sled team if you are not the lead dog, the scenery does not changes!”


In the beginning!

I was a lone wolf!

Not one for making friends, and if I did, they did not last for long.

I could not understand why that is?

In later years! I had thought that I was everybody’s friend.

Little did I know the opposite!


But! Over the years I learned that for me it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me.


I also learned that!

There were way too many followers!

Concerned about “Fitting in” the  ‘Sense of belonging” that is common in all of us.

YES! We do need people to talk to, keep us company, relate to, raise a family with, so on.


But! Over the many years!

It seems that in general!

We have let ourselves become weak in mind by letting people, places, things get to us.

The news media for one!

Treats us like we were born just the last minute!

And the weather is like it’s the first season we ever had!

The World! Like this is something brand new to us!

And do we have to be told each & every year about how to cope with the changing of the seasons each year?

The reality programs are no better!

Rap & hip-hop artists! Try to portray the world like “You will no way get ahead at all!”


What happens to us in the long & short term?

We let ourselves down!

We let all things get to us.

And thereby we become weak in our thinking.

We want others to do our thinking for us as in “Do for me”!

The only one!

Who can do it for you!

Is that person you see in the mirror and look down to the end of your shirt sleeve!


We do in our own way!

Love & admire!

The one’s who have come before us.

And made a way for us to live that much better.

The government heads of state, the peacemakers, the inventors, the activists and many more of them.


My favorites!

FDR,, JFK, Abe Lincoln, MLK!


It is unfortunate!

That in this day & age!

There are no real role models to look up to!

As well as leaders to follow!

Role models do fail not only themselves!

But! To those around them and us!

I have yet! To see a real, true leader comes from out of the ashes (For the lack of a better term!) and show us there is still hope to be had in each and every one of us!


Unfortunately! As we have seen over the way too many years and decades.

No one is worthy to even be called a leader!


Being your own person!

Does not alienate you from anyone!

It is those who are not sure if they should be seen by those who are!


Because! There is this saying: “A person is known by the company they keep!”

If the meek is even seen with the strong!

Then the meek will think they are in the wrong company!

Without thinking that!

It will rub off on them and make them on the same paying field as well as them.


That is because we as humans!

From our childhood to our adulthood!

Are impressionable!

Little do we know that we too like/love to be with those who have that feeling of  power, independence, there own person.

It’s not impossible to be your own person at all!


Read up!

On those who were their own person.

They did make a lot of friends!





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