I can remember!

My mom she always had this daily routine of going into the bathroom and splashing her face with water and rinsing her mouth with water as well.

I never really thought about it.

But when i do think about it!

We all have a routine of doing something that either gives us this security of: “well! I made it to another day!”

Or is it that we take comfort in knowing: “This will still be here each day we live!”


 I think I too have a routine in getting up, going into the bathroom and going back to bed!

This was something that my mom did when I was a baby.

She somehow knew that when 6:00 am came around!

To grab me and take me into the bathroom before i had an accident!

She also did this every time before we did go anywhere for me to go to the bathroom.

And it stayed with me since.

Is it a routine?

Or my security blanket?


We all carry over something from our past.

Some good! Some not so good!



Can be good!

In a way!

Because they are our link to the past.

(I know! Some may call it a tradition but for now let’s just call it routine(s) )


Things like!

Having corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick’s day.

Turkey with all the trimmings (In the Northeast they have that and seafood as well!) during the holidays.

Easter and jelly beans, colored eggs, chocolate eggs, baby chicks (both Marshmallow and real!).

Fourth of July fireworks & all.

Labor day the so-called last day of Summer cookouts, gatherings and such.


The not so good routines well we all know what those are!


I think that!

For my mother routine was something from the life & times growing up in the great depression.

Nothing was forever.

And I guess that this was her security blanket form way back then.


But! Can you include those people who lived through the depression!

Who either cannot or will not even talk about it as a security blanket as to not talking about it so that it will not come back again?


Whatever one calls their traditions, routines, security blankets!

It is in it’s own way!

A link to the past as to who we are and where we came from that makes us….us!




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