To those of us who remember Mr. Wizard!

And the kids he had to either watch or assist in experiments.

Remember Just how really cool they were.

Then in some cities!

There were local TV stations that took up being the prehistoric version PBS.

And had science programing as well.


Then we had a cartoon character called Mr. Woopie who taught Tennessee Tuxedo & his partner Chumley about science.

And of course in later yrs.!

Mr. (Don Herbert) Wizard made a comeback and picked up where he left off.

And from there we has Beakman’s world.


The point I’m trying to make here is!

Science can be taught in a way that does make it both fun & so cool!


I’m sure that in our day!

We had that certain special instructor that sparked our interest in science as well as other things.

Have we forgotten those people?

More than likely not!


Teaching! Is more than just a job!

It is a true calling.


I think that the real reason that when instructors come into teaching!

They have this mental picture of them making a real, true difference in a child’s life.

Only to get disillusioned by what they actually encounter in real life classrooms.

And what do we both parents & kids get?

Trail mix!!!!

All but the right instructors to teach our kids what they need to know, understand, and stand up themselves.


It is unfortunate! That we even to this day!

The fact of the matter is that there are no real teachers that can help the student find their way as to what they want to be in later years.


But! At the sametime! There are even the parents who would rather let the education system babysit their kids and teach them what they (The system) thinks they should know!

But! we cannot just blame the system for what & how our kids turn out alone!

Look at where they come from!

Families of either a dysfunctional to broken homes, made to make it on their own!

And! What happens when it does?

They hook up with young people who they too!

Are in much the same way as they themselves are as well.

They join gangs and wheel & deal in all the things that are either illegal or immoral, unethical!


Granted! Not all parents are like this.

But! To those who would rather let others do their (so-called) jobs for them instead.

The main babysitter in homes is of all things!

The TV!!!!

Nickelodeon, sprut, qubo, and the like!

And YES!!! even the dvd(r) has also become the modern sitter as well.

In hopes that the young child will not venture off too far if not at all!


It’s a shame to say this!

But! Between the parents & the instructors!

Which one is the lesser of the two evils?






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