This is just an observation!

As to the life & times!

We have and are going through to this day and beyond!


Even the word itself!


Can can strike terror in the hearts and minds of both men and women!


It seems! That with all the events that are happening in Crimea!

The Russian people are not one’s (Such as we are as well!) to change with the life & times of the world.



Because when we either learn or live with something for a long time!

We do get used to it to a point that we don’t want to know anything else.

We refuse to learn anything else!

We do have!

Our very own “Comfort Zone!”


There is a distant connection with them & us!

As I already stated it!


Remember! the ATM machines when they first came out?

Nobody! Wanted to have anything to do with them.

Why? Change is a coming!

A new way to do our banking and other things as well!

But then!

People watched other people work the machine and they did what they seen also.

Self-checkout registers!

Again! To the same!

But! In Time we did get use to them.


Electronic devices!

You know what they are.

But! That change was so gradual!

So much so!

That they became so much a part of our lives that YES! even to this day!

We have become addicted to our using them.

That! If we forget or it breaks!

We feel the same as we do when our wristwatch becomes broken or the battery runs out from out of nowhere and we cannot use it until we get a new one or replace the battery!

We go through our day w/o it feeling “NAKED” w/o it!


What if??????

From out of nowhere!

All our electronic devices just STOPPED working?




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