Over the years!

We have seen so many changes with, to our lives.

The radio, TV, phonograph, tape recorder, VCR, and so on.

But! When it came to something like the ATM machine!

It did more than change our lives!

It altered it!

To those of us who remember that day & time when it came on the scene.

Know what it was like.

We did not even care to approach it!

Because it was different as in change!


And how we waited for someone to come along and use it so that we may learn how to use it ourselves.

Then another person came along and did the very same thing we did.


Self-checkout registers!

To the same as well.


But most recently!

A change in police station commanders due to the resignation of the commander in charge.

It’s things like these!

That in it’s own way!

Upset our way of living.

When America was in the transition of going from an agricultural economy!

To a business and service economy.

That was the ultimate shock to our system.

It was: “Either you had/have marketable skills!”

Or you were out in the cold!



Is inevitable, unavoidable!

Anything/everything changes nothing stays the same!


If! All things remained the same!

We would not be enjoying what we have in this life and time!


Needless to say!

We have to accept any and every change that comes along!

Or we would be looked upon as out of it!

We do not relate to others.


What ever happened to the human touch?


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