I’ m sure!

That we have all had some good teachers!

And! Some really bad one’s as well.

In my time!

There were teachers that will call a student names or claim that s/he is this/that!

W/o even thinking what damages it can/did to them down the road.

I had many teachers that would tell the class: “You make me psychically sick when you come in!”

And them compare the class to the many other classes s/he had before them.

The paddle!!!!

How many of us remember that one?

With holes no less!!!!

Some teachers were experts in swatting and some were  all right.

I had one!

Where she tied my left arm up (Even in the 60’s it was believed that anyone who was  left handed! Worked for the devil!).

And she would grab my hair & move my head all around.

I left my hair as it was and went home.

My mom asked me: “Who did that?”

I told my teacher did!

She came to school with me and got into the teachers faced and was shaking her finger at and told her:” Don’t you ever lay your hands on my son!”

The teacher did not back down to her.

Then! The principal came in and said to my mom:”Let’s finish this in my office!”

The next day I was transferred to some other teachers’ rm..

Much nicer and HOT too!!!!!!!

The point I’m trying to make is this!

To become a teacher!

All one has to have is!

A degree & a license& a pulse!!!!

There clearly! Should be a limit as what age a teacher can teach!

There are some who will yell at the class because they are not behaving properly!

Music teachers are THE WORSE!!!!

Because of how they were treated when it came to music.

Even kids in my day!

We’re not that attentive when it came to music, but we knew what would happen if we were gad in class!

Kids today!

If it is not a current song!

They will not even want to sing.

The life & times we live in!

All the state is really concerned about is!


The rest! Will fall into place?


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