Although! I was a kid back then!

And I was not really into all this stuff about “Finding yourself”, TM, LSD, Rolling joints, Progressive music (That’s warped guitar sound & other instruments), Love beads, and all that stuff!

For me!

It was a time when I could be myself & those who did know me!

Did not anything to do with me.

At first it was hard!

But! In time I came to like it!

If you ever ran solo!

You know where I’m coming from.


I was able to do what I wanted to do.

In hopes that my mom did not know what and where I was or did.

The only friends I did have!

Was my bike, radio, records/player  and freedom!!!!

Unlike my so-called friend!

These friends were always there when I wanted them.


I knew of someone!

Who was envy, jealous of the things that I had and did.

He wanted me to go where I already been!

While little did I know!

He was priming himself to be  a GOP’er in later yrs..

Off/on was our so-called friendship.

He only knew me when I had money, boose, beer that he wanted I’m sure we have either met or became sort of friends.

All the other times I was me!


The music back then!

The real rock-n-roll!

The love songs, artists, songwriters wonderful!


I remember!

My mom let me buy Playboy every month!

She even cleared it with the drug store owners.

And YES!

Not only did I check out the women!

But! I also read the playboy adviser as well.

From there!

I learned about love & relationships.

But what women really wanted from a man.

(I remember taking a copy of playboy to my mental health provider. At first! She did not want to even see it! But! I showed her the advisor and an excerpt form it she read it and went (As she always did!) go “WOW! this was a shrink who used me to be her window to the world!)


Around that time!

Friends come & gone as fast as they did!

I did not understand why.

But in later years I did.

Because of what I did as I grew up!

I did not follow what others did.

I guess that would piss off anybody.

Or! They wanted to be like me! 

Ft. loose & fancy free!


Unlike the other guys!

I did not concern myself with girls at all.

When it was time!

I would know it!


In the 70’s!

We guys would try marijuana.

We learned form others about how to roll a joint and with what to do it.

And YES! I did try it!

All I got was the munchies from it!


Then! quad stereo came in!

My off/on friend always tried to steal my quad albums he would claim that I was an “Indian giver!”

And later! He would say that I should give him some of my quad albums because he could not go out and buy them because of his parents!

Did I mention!

He was a great liar & bullshiter as well?

(He was also into “One-up-man-ship!”  That is someone who if you said you had one of something! He had 1 billion of it!)


I was not effected by what was going down at the time!

During that time!

Everyone wanted the war to end!

Draft dodgers, draft card burners young people doing and trying just about anything they could get their hands on to get high on.


The war did come to an end!

Gas shortages were around because of the so-called “oil embargo!”

And disco came in some of it did sux!!!



The end of an era!!!!

It was fun while it lasted!!!!!!!!!!






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