“It’s always best to get more than one side of a story”-Tony Brown

This was said more than 40 years ago!

And it still rings ever so true today!

This business of how the media does it’s job began since the time that Fmr. V.P. Agnew made a speech about the media.

And! That got some in the media searching for their soap boxes to vemt what they believed was an injustice!


Well! Here we are today!

Not liking what we see & hear that is reported by each and every kind/type of news reporting outlet.


So what is there to do?

Fmr. NBC’s anchor/reporter John Chancellor said it best as well: “We are our own editor”.

We believe what we want to believe!

Its a sad statement as to how we think, feel ,believe in what we see and hear.

Instead of finding out more to it than meets the eye and ear?

Some will say the the unforeseen powers that be is behind it all!

I don’t always agree with that.

I think that the companies that own the networks, local TV & Radio stations.

The news directors/mgr’s might have something with this as well.

I am reminded of this: “They who have all the toys rules!”


I know of a great example!

When  there was the first TYLENOL® scare!

I subscribed to Time & Newsweek.

What one did not cover!

The other did and the same to the other as well.


Another example is Sandyhook mass shootings.

The media reported the name of the shooter.

A short time later!

It was reported by the media but via social networking site that the name of the shooter was wrong!

It was the brother of the shooter that did it!

The media remained ever so quiet and waited for the state troopers to announce the name of the shooter.


This! is why we are our own editors!

If you think you are not!

Let me ask you this: “When you read a publication do you read it from the inside first page to the last?”

If not!

Then you are your own editor!


Not only do we have to be alert as to the ways and means an article is written!

But the use of the words that is used as well.

It can and does sway our thoughts, beliefs towards anything/everything!


If we take the time than what the media does!

We can find out more things than they do!

The only question that remains for us to answer is this!

How bad do we want to know?


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  1. Kelly says :

    Be honest I get majority of my news from internet, Al Jazeera America BBC world news


    • mark2555 says :

      As I said!
      We are our own editors.

      There was research a few yrs. Ago!
      And it was discovered that 92 % of the respondents said that they do not trust the Internet.

      I have seen in 1 day!
      CNNHLN take a story and all day!
      And whittle it down to a soundbite!
      Tony Brown said it best!!!!!

      Always get more than one side of any story!

      I am one that likes BBC, ABC Australia, CBC Canada.


    • mark2555 says :

      I am more honest than others themselves would like to be/admit!


    • mark2555 says :

      There is always! More then just a select few to get news from.
      The world is a buffet table!
      Feast on it!


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