I’m sure for those of us who frequent the corner record store or retail record department.

Had such a feeling when we walked in.

We would  hear the stores record player playing the current song that was popular at that time.

Not only! The album jackets were fascinating but some of the 45’s disk jackets were interesting as well.

IDK! But! To me the record store was much more quieter the the local library.


The looks on the people’s faces as they went through the rows of either 45’s or albums looking for what they wanted or whatever hit their eye.

The corner record store was the place where you could not only get that record you heard on the radio or at your friend’s house!

But! You could get your needle changed, 45 adapters, the local (free) teen magazine(s) as well.

I remember when my mom and I were at one record store.

And there were two people who worked there.

And someone played the song: You’ll never get to heaven by the stylistics.

And they began to slow dance to it right there in the record store!

My mom (Who BTW was in her 50’s and loved listening to rock-n-roll!) and I loved it.

Freedom right in the store!

There was one record store that had mostly 45’s oldies but goodies as awela current hits as well.

Tommy Edwards record heaven!

Talk about a kid at the candy store!!!!!!!

The local radio station would have the weekly current hit list.


Some record stores!

Even had for sale!

Albums that were not for sale on sale!

But that took a lot more digging to find them.


It was not until the late 60’s the corner record store became extinct!

Like the way of the dinosaur.

Whether we like it or not! Believe it or not!

Music shaped us changed, molded us to what we are today!

The songs, artists, musical instrumentals.

Back then!

We could get by with all the snap, crackle, pop our records had when we played them.


I always found that when I put a coin on the arm.

I got (as it seems!) more instruments/vocals than with just the arm on the record itself.


My first collection of records!

Were the kiddie songs my mom had bought for my sisters long before I was born.

And it got passed down to me.

An old “Howdy Doody” album, Nutcracker suite op. 71a.

I remember on the b side it had a variety of songs.

The one that I remember was one called none but the lonely heart.

The album itself!

Was a Columbia recording that (as they said it!) an “Unbreakable album!”


I remember my mom did not like the beatles since the time she saw them on TV.

But! When the movie a hard days night came out!

She broke down and bought me two 45’s from the beatles.

And the rest is history.


Music became such an influential part of my life.

When all my so-called friends were nowhere to be found!

The radio & the record player were there.


I’m sure!

That some if not most of us.

As the music was playing and we were all alone!

We would pretend to be that singer,(air) guitar player, conductor of the music we would play.


The songs about love & relationships that talked to us (not at us as it is today!).

The novelty songs!

The one’s that had someone talking to someone and their response was a bite from a song.

As well as the artists that sang novelty songs too!

Not since the 70’s!

I have not heard any kind/type of  novelty song(s) since then.

Have we lost our sense of humor????????


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