Remember that smell of your favorite flowers, food, cooking, baking or that smell of something that made you go back in time!

Even to this day!

I can remember when I was little and walking down the street in downtown Cleveland, Ohio USA.

The 5 cent & $10.00 stores with their snack bars!

Hot Dogs rolling in the rotisseries, the buns warm, the fountain drinks mine was Richardson’s root beer in the wooden barrel dispenser.

Another had not only hot dogs!

Also BBQ’ed pork, bergs!

The smell of. S. SKresge’s fried fish, doughnuts being made as you watched.

The exhaust fans of not only the 5 & 10, but the drug stores and restaurants both near & far blowing out the smell of days’ bill of fare.

Lunch was something else!

Each day was different.

The restaurants downtown most of them did not serve dinner.

Most stores closed up at 5;30 pm.

The one’s that did were a more high class type of place.

But what about those times?

When we walked past some store(s) and took in that smell that brought us back to a simpler time & place when and where we grew up?

Or met our 1st. love/gf/bf, our first 45 RPM/album, our first paycheck!

Our parents took us to breakfast, lunch. Dinner?

That something triggered inside ourselves.

That smell of “Comfort food”.

Even if!

For that second, minute!

To us it was worth it!

Can we lose those memories?

Not as long as those smells are still with us!


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