I am a lover of the arts!

Some of us may only know little bit of what types/kinds of and areas of the arts I am talking about here.

BOOKS! Classic literature Shakespeare, Twain, Hemingway and the like.

If you read the books of the old and compared them to modern books.

You will find a big difference in both expression and use of the English language.

One book I found so very interesting!

Is called “Lost Horizon”!

It starts out with a group of men talking about people they know and meet in their travels around the world.

What I find so refreshing

These men talk to each other with so much respect and regard for one another as well as the people that they have come to know, nothing bad or negative about anyone whatsoever!

The biography of Abraham Lincoln is interesting as well.

How it was written about him.

His life & times growing up.

Many U.S. Presidents when they had time on their hands.

Would go into the library and read about Abe.

They too!

Found him so very interesting as well.

The autobiography of FDR and how he wrote about his life & times  growing up.

If you read classic & modern books very carefully!

You can get a taste or insight as to the author’s mind.

How s/he thinks and sees things and imagines s/he’s characters.

But the thing that I found is!

If you want to increase your words!

Read classic literature!

Because the words in these books are still active even though they not in full use as the current words of today.


We have seen from the Super bowl to the Olympics!

Opera stars performing at all the worlds.

Opera is not as bad as some of us think!

If you took the time and find out the stories of the opera plays.

You can find not only the story about it.

But the translations of the songs as well.

There is a network called “Classic arts showcase” where you can see the many kinds/types of the arts there is.

It does bring a sampling of what is out there in the world.

One of my many favorites!

Experimental cinema!

I have seen many different ways movies can as well as were made.

It is sad & unfortunate!

That some if not most, of those movies are slowly but surely!

Disintegrating away!

Because while they are in the can!

They are being eaten by the oxygen  that is in the air.

Preserving then is rather hard because of what has to be done with the one’s that have been eaten away.

By inserting pictures of what should be there.

Silent movies are one of my favorites as well!

Even way back then!

The stars had problems, controversies as well.

But the real love lies within the way of how they were made.

Each position, movement, dialog, place cards for the audience to read, the music.Some of the stars even way back then!

Each had their own characteristics their own way that in some ways made them stuck because of what they established themselves as.

Even the stars of yesterday! Jack lemon, Tony randall, and yes! even Laurel & Hardy had their own way of acting.

If we don’t experience!

At the very least!

The movies of the times we grew up and seen and enjoyed again!

Over time we will loose those movies that we liked, love, scared the crap out of us, cried

I myself!

Seen the phantom if the of the opera in silent version!

Compared to the current version.

The silent version is awesome!!!!!

Current version?


Enjoy then while they are still here!


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