This is not for the faint/weak at heart!

This is about living!

Not by what the world/society dictates!

Living by what you want to do with your life!

We tend to live our lives in quiet desperation (Even though! We do not even know it!).

We think, dream, some of us even try to expect, how our life should be.

But! What do we do down the road?

Look back and think (ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!!) Would have! Should have! Could have!!!!!!….. But! Did not!!!!!!!

That is because we let the “ILL WINDS” of others dictate to us what they think is best!

And what do we do?

Go off course!

From now!!!!!!!!!!

Until the time of the end or when death us do part….. Whichever comes first of course!

With all that is around us!

We can still live our lives the way we want.

It has been said: “Opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world!” “Keep your own good council!”

People you and trust!

I am sure!

If we have not already!

Weeding our garden of people that are for one reason or another.

Have either mislead, lied, who we thought were our friend(s) but proved otherwise!

Then! Who are we left with?

The select few?


Let’s take “The select few!”

These are people who are supportive of us and those we and they have come to know.

Supportive, encouragement, motivation, uplifting.. All those around you and us!


There are going to be times!

When we may need an adjustment in our path, planning of things.

We can and sometimes do get sidetracked from time to time this is normal.

So we do need our council to let us know what happened?

Where did we go off track?

To help us get back on track.

Yes!!!!! This all takes something I think nearly everyone may think is “Old school!”

But! It’s not!

That is a good judge of character!

It’s not hard at all!

You know what you need, want in a true friend!

As with all things!

“Stay the course until you get what you are looking for!!!!!!”

If you do find someone who is of quality & content!


They as well as you!

Fulfill your life.


Let’s talk about ourselves!

I know! Self-centered!

But! When all is left!

What do we have?


I myself!

Have been more of a friend to others!

Then they have to me!

But! I hear the same old crap:”I’ve been more of a to you!” Then you have been a friend to me!”

Sound familiar?

As I said!

That is nothing more! Nothing less!

Than a “Conform & comply my way!”

Refer to the caps!!!!!

To those so-called friends!

I let them “Rattle & hum”! All they want!

I know! Which end is up!

They do not

We “soloist “(If you will!) know!

When we do find friends!

We invest in them penny by penny.

Then, as time goes on.

Then we invest more little by little not putting our eggs all in one basket (all on one person!).

What seems!

Is that when we were growing up!

And we found that there is someone my size/age!

Perhaps I can get s/he to play with me!

As we play!

Do we learn as go along?


Because of our need to be accepted, belong.

Comes into play!

If you know!

What I do!

About people!



If you think about it!

It’s not so much leaders we need!

It’s people who are their own person that is sorely needed.

We have seen! And come to know!

Those who are and or have been followers of the pack!

Never once thinking about themselves, none whatsoever!

Not to a point of self-centered!


Living your life on YOUR terms!

And not by someone else’s so-called standards!


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