The origin and nature of political correctness (24/2/2013)

It is ever so sad!

To see our culture/civilization gone by way of a few people who try to invoke the “political correctness” (so-called) social contract/rule!

Keep in mind!

These are the very people who if provoked!

Will throw out the contract/rule with the baby & the bath water!

Even before this link.

It had its roots way back as far as 1906!

It did not come into play until the time of the U.S.S.R. Was around.

Back then!

It meant “Tow the line as to what you say about our leader & their administration!”


And what do we have today?

Petrified people & children.

Even kids programing!

Teaches kids how to be mindful of others.

We do not desire/need/want “Political correctness!”

We got along great without it before!

We can do it again.

To those of you who take “Deep Breaths” to convey “I do not like to repeat myself!” folks!

It only means one of two things!!!

You are either bored with what you do (for a living) then why are you there?

Or you have a serious C O2 shortage?

In that case!

You better have a lot of brown paper bags nearby just in case! (Plastic bag’s will, not work BTW!)


Does anyone remember a time?

When all you really needed was time tested been through the wars still exists even onto the time of the end!!!!!


It is the stuff that your parents used to keep you & me safe!

Even though we were not sure what they were talking about!

It did keep us safe in the long run!

We met and talked to people.

We always used and were even then we were mindful how to speak to people.

We were respectful of others and they the same to us as well.

The best example of this!

Is the book “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton.

In the prologue and CHS. 1 & 2!

Prove how we were when we spoke about people we either heard of!

Or knew of!


Has political correctness benefited us in a positive way?


It has restricted us in expressing what we think, feel, believe, know about people, places, things!

People have claimed they or their children do not want to be “Injured” from the name of “GOD” in the pledge of allegiance to the flag?



Religion always has! Always will!

Be a personal thing with people 4ever+2 days!!!!!

If we are wrong about anything/everything!

We can apologize for what we say!


But! If we are right about something!

In the past!

We yield to those who are right because we know that they are right.

It’s called “RESPECTING” one’s thoughts/comments!

Even we have lost that along the way!


Misleading people!

Has got to be one of the many things that has brought us to where we are today!


Should we say “TY!” to political correctness?

Not me!!!



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