With CVS no longer selling tobacco products.

It’s the shape of things to come!

It’s only a matter of time when we will see even more retailers no longer selling it as well.

Is this a social Consciousness movement we now have between us?


Some thoughts what we shall see.

We already see some people pick through the public ashtrays just to find a butt that is just long enough to smoke even if it means getting someone else’s germs form whom they do not know!

Are they sacrificing health?

For the sake of cost?

Which is the lesser of the two evils?

All for the sake of trying to keep from spending for another pack/carton of cigarettes!

Even more! People bumming cig’s of another fellow smoker.

And what if they refuse to help an another smoker out by giving s/he one?

All I can say is this!

I will not even begin to draw a picture of what can happen.

However! Think about the gas shortage of the 70’s!

And you have an idea what can if not will happen!


We already have the one retailer no longer selling tobacco products!

It is only a matter of time before we see the rest of them follow along and see “true effects of tobacco has on humans!”


What will tobacco companies do for profit when their sellers dry up?

Have people hand out cigarette samples to people who need/want them but! At what price will they charge?

A black mkt. For tobacco products?

Do not laugh!!!

Where the open mkt. Will not!

The black mkt. Can and will!

But! At what price is the tobacco users willing to pay for their enjoyment?


I have often wondered?

Since businesses have their employees smoking outside!

Is it really a “”God given right to smoke?”

Is it a “God given right to freeze & sweat your “You knows off” Just to continue smoking?

From all that we have seen and heard and know and from our loved one’s dying from all kinds/types of diseases from tobacco use.


To those of you!

Remember when you began?

That first cigarette?

What were your environments like that made you take that first drag?

Peer pressure?

They are doing it!

I might as well just for the sake of fitting in!


Do I hear stories about Doctors telling their patients, “You want to calm your nerves?”

“Take up smoking!”

Both! Can and are addictive in their own right!

There is a difference between smoking to calm your nerves!

And taking MEDs to calm your nerves!

One prolongs the problem!

The other creates another problem!

When it comes to smoking!

Is it “Mind over matter?”

Or “Matter over the mind?”




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