There was a time!

When if you wanted to listen to rock-n-roll you could!

If you wanted to hear bubble gum rock you could!

Traditional jazz you could!

And so on!

But! today’s radio programmers!

They and radio stations have lost touch with the listeners they serve.

Here in the USA!

Radio is no longer a fun toy to carry around and enjoy.

Its either music that talks at you not to you!

So-called smooth jazz is now mixed not blended with today’s adult contemporary music.

That is smooth jazz???????

Was traditional jazz mixed with rock?


There was a time!

When the rock-n-roll that we knew!

Went soft on us!

In the 80’s!

There was “Light rock” which is watered down rock.

3.2% beer had more power than that!!!!!

Even classical music is splintered to “Light classical”!

Do we ever hear instrumental music?

Hardly! If any at all!

We have the artist like Michael Double at one time singing popular ballads from known artists that we grew up on.

Even the oldies station we have/had!

Is watered down.

Do the radio station programmers really do their research/homework through?

I doubt it!

There are not that many stations that play “The music of your life” any more (That’s music of Sinatra, Como, Basie, and others).

It’s like!


There is really, truly!

Nothing good to watch at all!

So! We watch networks as Antenna TV ME-TV, GET TV, And all the other groups that bring us back to a much simplified life and time.


We find ourselves listening to the likes of music services as Pandora, Iheart radio, and others.

Does anyone who works in radio is really listening to what they program or do they not listen to their employers station at all?

Is it really demographics or for then to listen to for their own pleasure?

Who’s entertaining who???????



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