When I was 12 years old!

My dad brought home an AM-FM-SW 1-SW 2 radio.

When he let me listen to it.

That was it!

I was hooked!

When I heard all those sounds Morse code, muffled voices (later on I found out it is ham operators talking), BBC, DW, RSA (radio south Africa), radio Netherland, HCJB, RCI, many more.

Listening to those stations.

Helped me to get an even better understanding of what life is like over there.

For someone such as me!

Even though I was and still am an old time rock-n-roller!

This new medium of short wave brought me closer to my world without even knowing it.

The sounds on each and every station!

The whizz’s, beeping, in the background.

The so-called “pirate stations” that can only be heard on our side in the dead of night.

Until later in my later years that from listening to them on the Internet.

I did not know what an impact radio made on me.

There was news.not so much sports (other than the BBC World Service airing soccer on Saturdays).

News reports for all over the world and programs about how things are in that country.

Most important! To me I was shocked!

At how the people over there talked even in English!

It was the same words we use here in the USA!

But! It was how they were used in describing things and events of the world.

What we would say hosts!

The people on the other side would call “Presenters”!

We here in Cleveland, Ohio USA would call the “rapid Transit”!

Other countries would call it “The Tube”, rail(way).

In later years!

I bought a Panasonic eight band radio with SSB (single side band This is used when you want to hear what is being said when you hear those muffled voices).

As I listened!


I listened to Air Force One (I heard then Pres. Jimmy Carter talking but he was smart not to talk about anything that was important!), Then the men that went looking for the Titanic.

The transmission among the ship and shore.

Was interesting as the person on shore kind of in a way!

Asked if they could bring up some bottles of wine that was in the ship?

He was told that they did not want to disturb whatever was down there for reasons I am sure you can guess why!

But! A short time later!

Some scavengers went looking for it and brought up items that were seen on a TV special in hopes of finding someone who is related to the ones that were aboard the ship.

All I can say is: “What a waste of both time & effort”! As I recall only a few called in but that was it.

I heard some reports about the Jim Jones massacre.

And the pope who got shot.

The thing about SW/DX’ing!

Is that the reporting of the news was more reporting the way it happened!

Not hype it as the media does here in the USA.

In fact! So many years ago!

There was a survey that asked DX’er’s who had the best news reports?

It was a tie!

Between the BBC and Radio Canada International (RCI) the CBC’s International service.

The music, the languages, the news, the sports.

How could one not fall in love with DX’ing?

Unfortunately! I hear that those SW stations!

Have gone onto the Internet.

There! We cannot QSL!

So what are we left?

I think we all would like to see the world!

But to those of us who cannot travel the world.

It leaves a very deep dark hole in our lives.

I know!

It’s not the same!

But it is still a hobby/interest!

The TV, AM, FM, MW (medium wave) to which we do not MW  have here in the USA!

Is it fun?

Not as much as SW!

But the interest is still there.

Still finding stations from out of town?

And how many are out there anytime?

The interest is still there!

But! The thrill is gone!!!!!!!


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