Within about five years!

I have seen!

Many TV networks airing old programs.

Why is that?

I think its because either!

There is really nothing on TV or we long for a much simpler time.

There was a time when comedy was comedy!

And drama was drama!

Entertainment was entertainment! As with my other post!

I think its because with B & W programs.

It gave us something to do not just watch it!

It gave us a workout for our minds to do & think about what the colors are.

The many shades of gray that was used to make believe seem real to us.

The actors, the plots, the settings, the people behind the cameras, the time it took to make it just right!

Did we get spoiled when color came into being?

The jury is still out on that one!

Hollywood, the broadcasters were equally concerned about what we watched.

Only the advertisers could not care less!

The tobacco companies that is!!!!!!

How they made smoking glamorous, chic, the “in thing” to do.

And even had medical proof that it helped us in some way!

Ask the one’s who left us because of smoking if it helped them?



We do get to see actors and how their method(s) of acting worked for them.

Over the years!

I have seen actors have this style that they are/were known for.

Some could be copied by comics.

But not by other actors.

The life & times day & age then and now!

Are very different!

Movies and programs were worked on from the ground up!

Not like today!

If it’s not computer made?

We do not want to see it!

Can we blame star trek?

Or! Starwars?

Both were way ahead of their time!

Anyone remember buying 3-D glasses just to watch a 3-D movie on the local TV?

I do and did!

We do enjoy our old TV movies and programs!

If we did not they would not be on!


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