All a sudden!

I have this attraction and passion for old time movies, TV programs, radio shows.

Old time silent movies!

The way they were made.

The cinematography of the movie, the experimentation of the many shades of gray!

And how the props were created to make the movie to me so very special.

The stars of way back when!

I don’t think!

That the music nothing to do with the way it made you feel when watching it.

But! It does beat!

Sitting there and watching the movie in complete silence!

A cough, sneeze, mumbling to each other, the smell of popcorn, cigarettes burning, the layout of the movie theater style & sophistication the order of the time. I saw the original Phantom of the opera!

The whole thing was overwhelming!

The opera hall and how it was decked out!

The chandelier, the stairways. the people how they were dressed to go see it.

I did see a silent movie called “The night before Christmas!”

I think it was made around 1908.

It bummed me out!

As I was growing up!

I always were told that Santa would ride his sleigh in the air!

Not this time!

He took to the streets to deliver the goods!

I have seen experimental cinema.

Footage form the U.S.S.R.!

And the people crossing the streets in front of the streetcars and traffic all around.

This! Was at a time!

When the movements were essential when making silent movies.

I think that even way back then!

They did not use their imagination when it came to figuring out the colors of the scenery, dresses, rooms.

It was a time when one could just go in and forget about life for a few mins/hrs.

Going to the theater was similarly, as going to the opera house.

The old TV programs!

They too!

B & W!

To the same as well.

I think its because it was a much simpler time.

Need I go on about those lives and times!

There were game shows where the people who stood/sat in front of the TV cameras and sweat like you know!

The networks tried so hard to make it seem like it was like a night out in many programs.

When I was growing up!

I cannot recall a time when I even thought of what they were wearing and the colors they movie/TV studios were using in ea. and every program.

Today! I think we all can thinks when we see these B & W programs and movies what colors were used in this/that!

I think that when we watch the programs!

We long for a much simpler and easier life and time.

Plus! Given the fact!

That there is really nothing on TV!

Old time radio programs!

This was a life & time!

When you had to use your imagination really to think about how the scene would look.

And what you would do if it was you and doing whatever the program was about.

I found on the Internet!

A radio adaptation of Les Miserables!

With Orson Welles in the lead roll!


Even with classic color movies I still love watching them!

For me!

It expands both my mind and my world that much more.

To see the late and great actors performing their best!

Today! What do we have?

If it does not have pc graphics!

We do not want to see it!

We need to see!

Both the passed and the present movies just to see where we were!

And where we are going in this world!

Not pretty!!!!!


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