The media is playing it!

Like it is!

Does anyone remember the cold snap of the 70’s?

That! Was a hard winter to take!

The temps we are going through is nothing compared to the 70’s!

I can remember a time when it was in the mourning in the 60’s and this is still in winter.

Then! In less then 1 hr.!

We were in the teens!

Then another time!

I was working and the temps went down so fast!

The state ordered all businesses closed because of it!

By 1:00pm!

It was -26 below zero!!!!

And the sun was shinning!!!!!

During that time!

The news!

Said for us to put a blanket on our cars engine to keep it kind of warm.

Or “Block heaters”!

Under the cars engine to the same as well.

But! Nothing beats going outside and starting it up every few mins. or so.

Alaska had summer in the winter!

If that helps!


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