Annoying things almost all parents say – Raising Kids – Family-Parenting – MSN Living

Annoying things almost all parents say – Raising Kids – Family-Parenting – MSN Living.

They missed one!  Parents:”BECAUSE!”  Us:”BECAUSE WHY?” Parents: “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” How many times have we and them! Have we said that to them? We knew not to push it!


Gun buyback programs to me! Are not a cure all! Nor an end to all also. Because people believe it or not. Do have opt’s. To those who do not have a gun. They can buy one and turn it in just to take advantage of what comes with it! Or! Turn theirs in for the same. How? Does that solve the problem? It’s the ever so cheapest band-aid there is!,

And even that very day of the buyback you will hear of some crime was committed with the use of a gun. In that very same city! Let’s say! That! There was on one day a city to city confiscation of any kinds and types of weapons. One problem with that! There is the “Black Market” Yes! The price may be high to buy a gun or any other weapon. But to weapon enthusiast/lovers it really does not matter at all!,

As well with “Gun control!” At any level of Government! Gun control laws can be drawn up from now to the time of the end! The problem will still be with us. Reducing the output of gun manufacturers. DOUBT! Because that would be Government interference. No business ever wants that! Put gun mfg’s. ,out of business? Again! DOUBT! That would put both us and Government and law enforcement in a bind!,

I guess we are back to square 1!


It took me a very long time! Before I could finally realize what a true feeling being on your own is. I am not saying that anyone/everyone should be on their own. But! Because of me being different! It does in a way both pose and create a problem.

You see! When you see, think things in a way that others somehow cannot. And when they find out you are not like them! Well, It can and does have its advantages as well as disadvantage as well.

During my time I tried so hard to please others. And it just did not work. Too many years! Too much effort! I gave up! As I did. I began to learn something new. Freedom! Independence! On my own terms!

I could go anywhere (As long as my parents did not know where I went & did!), do what I wanted to do, see who I wanted to see and on. I occupied my time at home with listening to the radio. When I was younger! My musical tastes changed as I got older. At 12 I listened to classical, traditional jazz, Sinatra, Martin, Bennett. I had a multi-band radio and I would listen at night because the SW (Shortwave) broadcasters from on the other side of the world would begin their transmissions at that time, and collect what is called QSL cards each time I submitted a reception report. Always watched TV. Read Billboard magazine (When it was a $1.00 a copy!). Playboy (To the same as well!). Of course! Rock-n-roll.

The point I am trying to make is this!

Friends will come & go! We will have the good, bad, ugly friends too! But! You only have a one time shot at life and what it has. And as the song goes: “You cannot please everyone so you have to please yourself!”

John Lennon’s Killer Denied Parole Again | TIME

John Lennon’s Killer Denied Parole Again | TIME.

I remember the night! I was going home from picking up my wife from work. And as I was driving along. The news come on. “John Lennon has been shot!”

The next day! Everyone went to the record store and bought the only album that was available during what happened “Double Fantasy!


I think that! John Lennon was what we all would like to be. Not concerning ourselves with others may thin of us. And concentrating a world of like his song “Imagine!”

Not only when he was with the Beatles! But for his song as well!

Academics Don’t Know What Investing Risk Is

Academics Don’t Know What Investing Risk Is.

Investing is not rocket science! It’s easy! When I got into investing! I learned it from of all things! The Wall Street Journal! I would read not the whole article. But just enough to understand what I needed to know about investing. Then I read Businessweek, The Penny Stock newspaper, Barons and so on.

I did it because I wanted to know! How to invest as well as what I needed to know as well. YES! There are lots of terms and symbols and information to now these days! But how bad do you want to make more money than the interests your bank is charging you to put your money in their bank?


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